Welcome to Markhor Capital Advisors

Markhor Capital Advisors is an international private equity, venture capital and project finance advisory firm with representation in Australia, Hong Kong, South East Asia, Europe, Canada and the USA, established to

We take our name from the "Markhor"  a strong, adaptive and resilient species that not only survives but thrives in challenging conditions, because our aim is to build a similar strength, adaptability and resilience into our client activities - so they too can thrive even in the most challenging and extreme conditions.

We recognise the problems the world faces today are unprecedented, however the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a trillion dollar business opportunity.  Some of the biggest opportunities lie in transforming the global energy, food and land use systems and transitioning our current linear take, make, waste approach to one of a circular economy where all materials are used endlessly,  to deliver new jobs, industries and zero waste economies.

Achieving the Global Goals is intrinsically linked to the Paris Agreement and its goal to limit global warming to well below 2°C. Failing to do so could put up to US$ 24 trillion of assets - almost 20% of all financial assets - at risk by the end of the century.

To address this, we offer bespoke finance and strategic advisory services to public and private companies, family offices, foundations, philanthropists, institutions, fund managers, entrepreneurs and governments - and favour those who are wish to improve the economic, social and environmental capital of the communities in which they operate because we believe economies and society can only thrive if businesses can embed sustainability and the environment into the heart of their activities.

We also specialise in capital raising, business scaling and growth, strategic reviews, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures,  government transactions, leveraged buyouts, shareholder activism, clean technology, business efficiency, energy security and climate change adaption, zero waste strategies and impact investing to support sustainable growth as the world transitions to a low carbon economy.  We do not however provide market advice in the secondary market or trade within Pakistan.

Markhor Capital Advisors also proud advocates of Blue and Circular Economy aiming to deliver 100m new jobs in 10 years based on 100+ new innovations inspired by nature with zero waste.


We are passionate about supporting our clients work and approach every project with:

Innovative Ideas
Whatever the circumstances, benefit from our fresh ideas and creative advice to help you achieve your growth ambitions and business objectives.

Tailored Strategies
Understanding your business is our priority so that we can provide tailored strategies to deliver on your objectives.

Quality Execution
Leverage our experience and networks executing complex M&A transactions and building shareholder value for our clients.

Personalised Service
Receive dedicated focus and personal attentionfrom our highly skilled team.


Markhor Capital Advisors has an extensive network of relationships in the financial sector.  These relationships cross all types of large institutional investors including banks, consultants, foundations, family offices, asset managers and corporate balance sheet investors.

We provide clients with access to qualified investors worldwide, without placing a significant drain on internal resources and without unnecessary distraction from their core business.

Our goal is to help clients raise quality capital and develop partnerships to achieve their goals at a faster pace, with a minimum possible cost of raising capital.

The powerful combination of proven success, global reach, expertise, commitment and independence provide our clients a decisive advantage when competing for limited institutional investor allocations.